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Either their advice is wrong, or didn't they follow it. Which is it ?

Yesterday's shock news that Matt Hancock has tested positive and Chris Whitty has symptoms compatible with the virus, following soon after we heard that Boris Johnson has tested positive.

Get well soon.

Boris, from isolation yesterday, appealed to us to follow the guidelines. Stay at home, protect the NHS, Save lives.

It's by no means clear if that advice is being followed by the people who are giving it.

A photo published on newspaper websites today (Daily Mail, Times, etc.) apparently taken on March 12th shows Johnson, Hancock, Whitty accompanied by Sir Patrick Vallance trooping down the stairs in No.10. Looks like the four of them might measure two metres end to end.

I think this was the day where Boris held a press conference and announced moving to the delay phase in the fight against the virus. A room full of journalists, closely packed together, Boris flanked at about a metre by Whitty and Vallance.

How things have changed ?


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