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Scrape that barrel - it's Gavin running the news conference

Sunday 19th April, the No.10 daily news conference.

Who shall we get to host it ?

Boris ? - nope, still recovering at his second home.

Michael Gove ? - nope, looks like a startled rabbit.

Dominic Raab ? - nope, raabit in the headlights.

Pritti Patel ? - nope, absolutely all rabbit and no answers (and can't do numbers)

Rishi Sunak ? -  nope, he's really good, but after Boris's job so we need to keep him out of the limelight.

Ahh, here we go, Gavin Williamson. The obvious choice ? What could go wrong ?

Gaffe prone Williamson was sacked by Theresa May from his previous role of  Defence Secretary where he'd earned the nickname "Private Pike" (stupid boy !) and attracted ridicule from many quarters for his “frankly, Russia should go away, and it should shut up.” comment following the Salisbury poisonings.

So here he is then.....

Bad choice, he's doing a bad impression of a paternal clergyman having a fireside* chat with some bewildered parishioners.

* wanna buy a fireplace ?


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