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Masks, no, yes, maybe ? Follow the science, no don't

On Wednesday 4th March, Prof. Chris Whitty (CMO)  told Sky News: “In terms of wearing a mask, our advice is clear: that wearing a mask if you don’t have an infection reduces the risk almost not at all. So we do not advise that.”

A mandatory requirement in many countries, the World Health Organisation's first recommended the use of face masks in public at the beginning of April as the coronavirus spread globally.

The UK advice has been patchy. By 28th April Nichola Sturgeon was recommending their use in particular circumstances, while the UK Government were still considering evidence from SAGE.

By the 11th May, in the documents provided by the UK government to explain the Boris Johnson (chaotic) broadcast of the night before, people in England were told to cover their faces in some public areas.

Meanwhile the Northern Ireland & Wales administrations have their own versions of the advice.

Oh, and if you've worked out you need to wear one, don't use a medical one. We need those for the NHS. 

So not following the science, just trying to eek out the meagre supply chain.

If you must wear on make sure it's completely useless.

Why not make one from an old tea cosy and some braces. Doubles as a catapult


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