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The mood music is about loosening lockdown next week - why ?

It's widely accepted that the UK came late to lockdown and when it did come, it was looser than many nearby countries, giving many people the excuse to bend the rules with little fear of being found out.

We were told that the idea was to "flatten the curve", reduce the R number below 1 and protect the NHS. Well, to some extent that worked, or at least, is working.

The NHS has coped (and the new hospitals have hardly been used) although for some reason our deaths per million figure (yes, apples with apples !) is higher than Italy !!


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This is unbelievable !

As evidenced below, the government have given a £250m+ contract for PPE to a small investment strategy company, they were the only bidder for the contract !  How the hell did this happen ? According to Tenders Electronic Daily (TED the journal of EU procurement) The Department of Health have awarded a contract have awarded a £252,500,000 (!!) contract for the supply of PPE. The contract was awarded on price and Ayanda Capital were the only bidder. (  ) According to Companies House the last filed unaudited accounts ending 31 December 2019 stated that the average number of employees was 5 and fixed assets were £2.9m According to  they are a family office focused on a broad investment strategy, PPE isn't mentioned.

More than 50,000 additional deaths and Stanley is flogging a book !! Outrageous

On Sky News this morning we had: Stanley Johnson re-launching his book "The Virus". As the body count mounts (now one of the highest in the world) at the incompetent hands of a government led by his hopeless son Boris, Stanley is now trying to make a few quid out of his book. "It's got a new cover" he chortled. All proceeds to the the NHS ? What do you think ?